Who We Are

Goldklang Group CPAs, P.C. is the area’s leading CPA firm specialized in providing audit, tax, budget, and consulting services to Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRAs).

With more than 40 years of experience, our firm possesses superior knowledge and understanding of the unique accounting needs and operations of homeowners associations, condominiums and cooperatives. This expertise and experience allows us to deliver exceptional personalized service to our clients that assist them in achieving their goals.

Our accountants are passionate about what they do and committed to working with our clients to achieve the best outcome. They possess superior knowledge of the accounting and tax issues facing community associations. We pride ourselves on this and in providing clients with quality products that far exceed industry standards.

The Goldklang Advantage

Our firm is 100% dedicated to providing audit and tax services to Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRA).
Superior knowledge of audit and tax issues facing community associations with an exceptional understanding of how community associations operate.
Our accountants deliver a high-degree of personalized, hands-on service working closely with on-site and off-site property management representatives and Board of Directors in conducting field work.
Consistently at the forefront of any tax law changes and interpretations that may affect our clients.
Proactive corporate philosophy to always deliver more by providing guidance in specialized areas that are unique to our clients.
Our work has been independently peer reviewed since 1991 by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) – receiving the highest rating available of “pass” every time.


Client Testimonials

  • Smart QuoteWe are a large luxury high rise condo - well managed and well financed with a sterling reputation. Goldklang has been our partner for well over a decade and has kept us sailing a steady course through many a choppy sea. You couldn't have a better partner for this journey.
    Board President
  • Smart QuoteClient just this week suggested that switching auditors every couple of years is part of ‘best practices’ for any corporation, and I told them; “community association auditing is all Goldklang Group CPAs does. They have this down to a science and can do it reliably and in a most cost-affordable manner, so since most community associations are not in business to generate income, but instead take care of real property and its assets, why would you switch?”
    Senior Property Manager
  • Smart QuoteWhen preparing for our annual audit, tax return, or budget, there is only one way to be confident that our interests are accommodated at every step of the way: by ensuring that we collaborate with a renowned CPA firm. I define Goldklang Group CPAs as a team of accountants that personify integrity, professionalism, and diverse expertise…they serve as guardians to the accounting demands of our Association, as much as they are also an outstanding CPA firm.
    General Manager
  • Smart QuoteFor the past 6 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Goldklang in preparing the Association’s annual audit and tax returns. The level of service provided is outstanding as they are always very responsive to our questions. The Auditor comes well prepared to answer any of the Board’s or homeowner’s questions and does so in layman’s terms. Their audits are thorough and are automatically timely submitted. Their guidance on how to correctly post income the Association was generating from the sale of parking spaces was very helpful. I have come to rely on Goldklang’s advice for any questionable issues affecting the Association’s financials outside the normal scope of things. They are a valued service provider to the Association.
    General Manager
  • Smart QuoteThe accountants at Goldklang provide superior and professional accounting service to their clients and are always available to address particular accounting and tax questions that may arise. They take pride in doing high quality accounting and tax work on a timely basis. I recommend them highly.
  • Smart QuoteThe Goldklang Group has been our Association's audit firm for over 10 years. Goldklang assisted in setting our course out of rough, unprofitable financial waters which landed us on solid, profitable financial footing. This was accomplished through their invaluable service, advise, guidance and support. We strongly believe their expertise, professionalism and service level is unmatched by any other firm and is beyond reproach.
    Board President
  • Smart QuoteI have used Goldklang Group for ten years. Having worked with other auditing firms previously, the timely response and completion of the audit and tax returns by Goldklang Group is priceless. Each year they have assisted me in resolving many financial complications with Associations I manage due to issues from prior management. Goldklang Group cares about their clients and business relationships therefore they have always been there to assist me when needed.
    Property Manager
  • Smart QuoteOur firm manages over 150 community associations. Goldklang is the auditor and tax provider of choice for most of our portfolio. Not because they are the biggest, but because they are the best. Prompt, professional and thorough, we count on Goldklang to work with integrity and focus for our clients. The information they provide greatly assists us in providing excellent financial advice to our Boards of Directors.
    CEO, Management Company
  • Smart QuoteI have managed a number of properties in the DCMETRO Area and been fortunate enough to have worked with the team at Goldklang Group on most of them. The firm manages to attract some of the best people in the field to support his clients. They are always there; always professional and they collectively understand our business. What more could you ask for?
    Onsite Manager