Tax Preparation

Goldklang Group is the CPA firm at the forefront of audit and tax issues facing Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRAs)

Our tax department strives to keep informed of any tax law changes that may affect condominiums, homeowner associations or cooperatives. We are dedicated to providing tax returns to our clients in a timely manner, and to filing tax extensions on time. We go above and beyond providing tax services to our clients. For example, our firm semi-annually checks the online corporate status and personal property filing status for our incorporated Maryland clients. We provide guidance in specialized areas that are unique to our clients, such as the treatment of declarant warranty settlements and proceeds for the condemnation of common area land.  Since we are solely focused on CIRAs, we have developed a unique expertise.

Smart QuoteI have used Goldklang Group for ten years. Having worked with other auditing firms previously, the timely response and completion of the audit and tax returns by Goldklang Group is priceless. Each year they have assisted me in resolving many financial complications with Associations I manage due to issues from prior management. Goldklang Group cares about their clients and business relationships therefore they have always been there to assist me when needed.
Property Manager