We are available to consult with our clients in areas such as these:

  • Budget Development Consultation
  • Guidelines for Capitalization of Assets
  • Investment Procedures and Guidelines
  • Accounting Procedures
  • Analyzing Bank Loan Options
Smart QuoteFor the past 6 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Goldklang in preparing the Association’s annual audit and tax returns. The level of service provided is outstanding as they are always very responsive to our questions. The Auditor comes well prepared to answer any of the Board’s or homeowner’s questions and does so in layman’s terms. Their audits are thorough and are automatically timely submitted. Their guidance on how to correctly post income the Association was generating from the sale of parking spaces was very helpful. I have come to rely on Goldklang’s advice for any questionable issues affecting the Association’s financials outside the normal scope of things. They are a valued service provider to the Association.
General Manager