What is the difference between an Engagement Letter and Representation Letter?

The Engagement Letter is the contract between our firm and the Association to perform requested services (i.e. conducting the annual audit and preparing tax returns). The Board and Management need to sign and return the Engagement Letter to our office before we may commence the work.

The Representation Letter is issued with the draft audit and is required by auditing standards to finalize the audit. The Representation Letter is a letter from the Association to our firm confirming responsibilities of the board and management for the financial statements, as well as confirming information provided to us during the audit. The President or Treasurer and Management need to sign the Representation Letter and return it back to our office within 60 days from the date the draft audit was issued. Representation Letters received after the 60-day mark may result in additional auditing procedures in order to finalize the audit and comply with auditing standards at an additional expense to the Association.